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28th February 2020
Dialogues Festival Edinburgh 'Schíma – morphḗ – íchos'

A reactive installation-performance that brings together visual, physical and sonic dimensions to explore ways of coping with a changing environment.

Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh, UK

28 February 2020

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27th September 2019
Explorathon 2019 European Researchers’ Night

Riverside Museum

Glasgow, UK

27-28 September 2019

22nd August 2019
Roche Continents challenge

Youth! Arts! Science!

Salzburg, Austria

22-26 August 2019

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5th July 2019
Nautilus vol. 3 Festival of Arts

'Golden Ratio' Cultural Association, Keratea of Attica, Greece

5 - 7 July 2018

4th July 2019
Doctoral thesis publication

Co-composition processes: form, structure and time across sculpture and sound

Online publication by Edinburgh Research Archive

4 July 2019

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3rd July 2019
Minor Movements Celebration 'Co-composition processes'

Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry, School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh

3 July 2019

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19th June 2019
Learning & Teaching Conference 2019

Learning & Teaching Conference 2019 'Evidencing the value of learning and teaching'

McIntyre Conference Centre, University of Edinburgh, UK

19 June 2019

18th June 2019
Innovation in Housing Exhibition

An exhibition that explores the Innovation in Housing through work and research produced in and around the University of Edinburgh

Lang Gallery Minto House, Edinburgh, UK

18-27 June 2019

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26th April 2019
Material Fluidities Exhibition

Material Fluidities is a joint exhibition between the RAFT Research Group at Edinburgh College of Art and the Craft Cultures Research Group at Birmingham City University.

Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

26 April - May 2019

21st March 2019
10th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research

Presentation in the Productive Gaps session of the 10th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Switzerland

21-23 March 2019

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